NUIIT : New Light, New Visions, New Technology


Getting and interpreting the light, capturing its shades and colors within sophisticated lenses to protect our eyes while giving us a brighter world view.

In a nutshell, this is what makes NUIIT – the new Turin brand of eyewear – so unique and attractive.

NUIIT research and development of a new technology specifically focus on our eyes. It is a real third-millennium technology that however has an ancient, traditional soul. The people from the Far North are a true source of inspiration. In this area, where beauty shines all around, the human eye has to face tough challenges and the most valuable of our senses is continually jeopardized.

Here, the excellent brilliance of the indigenous people created the very first protective instruments by engraving bones and wood.
Inuit were the first who produced face masks, presently known as eyeglasses. In the amazing places where these populations live, the sunrise can be seen every six months only: this is the reason why the light is of inestimable value, with its tricks and dances in the sky to compose symphonies with unique and stunning tones.

The Northern Lights provide in the Arctic sky what NUIIT integrates in its lenses: wonderful shades ranging from green to pink which seem to crystallize those dreamy atmospheres.


NUIIT BRAND – entirely devised and manufactured in Italy – comes from the knowledge and expertise acquired by Marco Ribaldone during his several years of management experience in the optical industry. He has promoted the research and technology that distinguish the brand, now offering a new collection of tempered optical glass lenses with the fusion of rare earths capable of providing a vision that is 70 times sharper than any other conventional plastic lens.

NUITT COLLECTION – The true hallmark of NUIIT’s spirit is Light Shadow – the shaded strip that crosses each lens along the line of sight – which comes from the perfectly balanced connection of tradition and innovation due to the special Italian optics design and concept, in order to ensure a more effective shielding both from direct and reflected sunlight.


The NUIIT-Earth lenses interact with the visible light spectrum by filtering and blocking every wavelength that is detrimental to our eyes. Reference to the polar world and to the great cold lands is also found in the molecular coloring of the Nuiit EarthTM lenses of NUIIT eyewear.

The Northern Lights with their wonderful shades ranging from green to pink were captured inside the lenses which refract light while giving a bright vision and providing the eyes with the safest shelter in all daylight conditions.

The collection includes models in addition to the original monoblock made of brushed acetate with pinhole, premiering worldwide the eyeglasses made of horn acetate characterized by low reliefs with zero-base lenses, developed along with world leader manufacturer of lenses and produced by melting rare earths elements (Ace Amethyst Color Enhancement), minerals with special optical properties that enhance the crystal structure, thus ensuring the greatest possible transparency for NUIIT lenses.

Each lens color corresponds to a different filtering capacity, which allows the glasses to adapt to the specific needs of the eye wearing them.

NUIIT eyeglasses thus combine the most cutting-edge technology with a careful attention to wellness, comfort and wearability, without forgetting the most charming aspects associated with fashion and style.



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