ULTRAMOREA : Born In Miami


Born by the Sea and Beaches of Miami, UltraMorea Launches Inaugural Eyewear Collection

UltraMorea, Miami’s premier luxury eyewear brand, celebrated its long-awaited unveiling at the Soho Beach House on May 6, 2017. The brand launched its inaugural eyewear collection inspired by the sea, beaches, and glamour of Miami.

The exclusive event was hosted by Daniel Freiman, UltraMorea’s Founder and CEO. Daniel is a Mexican entrepreneur and eyewear aficionado who moved to Miami in 2013 after working as an investment banker in Hong Kong and New York.


UltraMorea’s timeless designs incorporate elements of Miami’s natural beauty, colorful art scene, and cosmopolitan character. Distinctive features include wave patterns on temples, Mediterranean- inspired color palettes, and evocative model names that conjure Miami’s unique spirit.

“Eyewear is one of the most memorable fashion accessories and, to my surprise, no renowned eyewear brands were either based in, or representative of, Miami. With Miami as my inspiration, I sought to create an iconic brand known for its effortless style and timeless design,” Daniel stated.


UltraMorea’s stunning eyewear is the result of two years of diligent research and development to source premium raw materials and specialized manufacturing facilities. Based on these fundamentals, the brand’s frames are handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen to ensure uncompromising quality and longevity.



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