The TIERS Project

Tiers. Levels. Layers.

An undercurrent revealing a story.



The Tiers Project is an art and design journey propelled by a meeting of minds and influenced by time and dimensions; a capsule collection that celebrates bold ideas and brave personalities.

The Collaborators

A Designer Jeweller Metalsmith for the past 30+ years, Peter Coombs has evolved distinctive eyewear frames that are a celebration of the versatility and beauty of precious metals.  Sterling silver and distinctive swing hinges are the defining feature of his bespoke, one-off and limited edition pieces, many of which are part of significant public and private collections. Peter continues to design and hand craft from a private studio in his hometown of Adelaide, South Australia.

Ambassador, purveyor and barometer of unique, handmade, independent eyewear since 1997, Julia Gogosha has an acute eye for relevant and significant eyewear design. This is the first collaboration with a designer who advances the conversation of modern art in eyewear. Design is how it looks.  Art is how it makes you feel. 


The Capsule

4 Designs per Capsule. 25 Capsules.
Titanium & Sterling Silver Frames.
Hand crafted in Australia. Colour plated in Japan.

The Tiers Concept

The Tiers idea originated in 1986 while I was studying for a Bachelor of Design majoring in jewelery and metalsmithing. One of my mentors Frank Bauer, the son of a Bauhaus architect and himself a celebrated craftsman, had a profound influence on my work. Structure and form, light and dark, intersecting lines all played into my designs.
As a jeweller, metal was my medium but I never wore jewellery. I lived at the beach and spent many hours in the sun and the surf so jewellery for the face in the form of sunglasses seemed like a good idea. My very first frame design creation, Electro Torch 1986, was a product of the ’80s zeitgeist reflecting a ‘Jules-Verne-under-the-sea-post-Apocalypse’ feel.
By 2016 the Electro Torch frame still intrigued me. 30 years later a mechanical reimagining of the design had evolved. I shared my prototypes with Julia Gogosha. Her passion and enthusiasm led us to refining styles and shaping a special offer for eyewear connoisseurs and collectors in the form of a limited edition set of 4 hand crafted metal eyewear art pieces – The TIERS Project.”

Peter Coombs




View the capsule release on the Peter Coombs booth at Loft Eyewear Show, New York, 30 MARCH – 2 APRIL 2017.
Hudson Mercantile
500 W 36th Street New York

More information and bookings at: [email protected]




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