ØRGREEN: Chromatic Ecstatic



Chroma chameleons chasing neon rainbows. Dreams in infrared come together in electric vision. Caught between the crimson midnight and the crystal morning. Senses open wide. Synaesthesia in body and mind.


The SS17 campaign Chromatic Ecstatic is a celebration of colors. Crisp and colorful, rich and vibrant.A season of gracious verve and curious exploration where tints and tones run free. Paying homage to an era of dancing neon rays and fiery fluorescence. Simulated light flaming up the darkness. Contrasted by the pure clarity of the whiter shade of pale casting no shadows, only bright light.


For Ørgreen, color is a way to communicate emotions and individuality. To create beauty and style out of contrasts and contradictions when playing with apparently disparate hues and shades that come together in novel union. And to accentuate the simple virtue of the shape when lingering in a mono-colored universe.

Colors are relative. A red is never just a red. It changes through the eyes of the beholder depending on the individual consciousness and the memories invoked by that specific color.


Just as a green is not the same green if it appears on the inside of a blue instead of a black frame. In the SS17 campaign as well as in every Ørgreen frame colors hold a tribute to individuality. An encouragement to seize the newness of every perception.

An enhancement of the personal expression and impression.

Whether in a frame or in life.



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