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April 2, 2014 – SAN FRANCISCO, California – CLEER GEAR today announced the new and innovative SCHATZII® Smart Cloths are now available to provide effective and convenient cleaning for all eyewear, and do not require any messy sprays or liquids. SCHATZII is already a favorite amongst the digerati, and has become a popular touch screen cleaner sold at leading retailers worldwide like the Apple Store.

Now available for distribution to Optical Retailers, the SCHATZII is expertly created with intelligent function and smart design, and are a stylish alternative to typical microfiber cloths used by most eyewear companies. They are a noticeably heavier weight which gives them an immediately more luxury feel.



SCHATZII Smart Cloths are treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield®, a state of the art fabric treatment, and are antimicrobial, resist mold & mildew, anti-static and anti-dust. The cloths are available in several fashionable designs, and are an ideal new accessory for eyewear enthusiasts. SCHATZII provides efficient cleaning for eyewear, cell phones and tablets all in one smart cloth.



The SCHATZII Smart Cloth is available in many unique and fashionable designs to fit everyone’s taste and style, with clever names ranging from “Buddha’s Feast” to the “Sugar Lounge”, “Jetsetta”, “Breakfast Club”and “Kingpin”. The trendy patterns are befitting of the names, with new patterns scheduled to be released regularly.  The SCHATZII is also customizable for branding and creating your own personal designs, and make a unique gift or promotional item for companies.



SCHATZII Smart Cloths are both functional and pleasing to the eye, built for the eyeglass enthusiast and fashionista alike.  These eyewear and screen cleaning cloths are durable and machine washable for long life, and dual-sided, with a plush microfiber side for buffing and a uniquely patterned silky smooth side for polishing your favorite gear. From now on, this is your cleaning cloth.



Availability and Distribution

SCHATZII Smart Cloths for eyewear and touch screens are available today worldwide. For information about becoming a Distributor or Reseller, or if you are an Optical Retailer, please email [email protected].





3 thoughts on “SCHATZII: Smarter Cloths

  1. Nice Cloths!! Thanks LEF for the heads up on Schatzii! These are very cool – are there any eyewear stores in the LA area where you can buy them?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Olya! We’re glad you like the Schatzii Smart Cloths. We are newly launched in the eyewear industry, but well established in the tech industry for cleaning touch screens. We’re bringing our ‘technology’ to eyewear enthusiasts now – we’re not aware of any optical retailers in the L.A. area currently carrying our brand, but you can always go to our website to purchase online at:
    Hear that eyewear shops in L.A.? We’re happy to work with any optical retailers who want to carry our innovative brand in their stores, just email us at: [email protected] Schatzii Gives You Clarity. Live Smudge Free.

  3. These cloths look amazing – very stylish. I love the fact that No sprays are needed, and I can toss my spray bottle. Very convenient.

    Anyone know any retailers selling these in SF or NYC?


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