ALEXANDER DAAS: Jenny McCarthy On The View



Jenny McCarthy made her long anticipated debut on The View wearing her glasses, a frame by San Francisco based eyewear designer, Alexander Daas. She has been wearing the frame “Hayes” for some months now during various TV appearances.

Alexander Daas eyewear is available at leading independent eyewear stores including their own stores in San Francisco, San Diego and the new location in the Larchmont district of Los Angeles.




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  1. Yeah me too, I saw them on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. Rhinestone sides, they’re sweet. I’ve been trying to find out all week who makes them. I check on A.D. website, did not see them.

  2. I love jenny’s glasses part cat eye frame!! I think there the “Hayes”collection? But I loved last week when she had almost the same style but baling on them, what are those called? Also I live in Phx Arizona where can I find them out here?

    • Louis J L Fullagar

      No idea…didn’t see the show. Alexander Daas makes many of her glasses. You can see contact details on this site and on other comments.

  3. I’m also interested in jenny macarthy’s eyeglass frames. They are the black & white w/some sparkle on the arms. If anyone can help me….I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks…April 2014

  4. I’m looking for the frames that Jenny is wearing on today’s show April 16. Does anyone know the brand and name of frames?

  5. I think I found the glasses with the rhinestone arms….I googled Tiffany & co eyeglasses and I think it’s style TF 2079B 8055 Black/Blue….I found them on

  6. Hi ladies
    I don’t think the Tiffany frames are the right one. I just viewed them and I disagree that they are the frames Jenny is wearing. I wish Jenny would post them. So many people are interested in that frame. Keep me informed on any new info

  7. I emailed Alexander Daas to ask if they were their eyeglasses, since she wears other frames of theirs. Their response was no they were not. Please post when you find them. Dactyl64

    • I have also emailed them and they don’t have those frames with the rinestones on the sides, I wish jenny would post them so many people want them!

  8. To those looking for those frames that jenny wears. I saw a photo of her in US magazine & they ARE black w/blue & no sparle on arms. I think the lights of tv make look like rhinestones. So I’m thinking they r Tiffany’s .

  9. Those eyeglasses are Tiffany & Co. Style #2079B8055. Some big city LensCrafters carry them. My small town didn’t but I found a pair on EBay. & I now them. They are beautiful. Good luck to all looking for em. Oh there is also a place called “Sight For Sore Eyes” in BC & she, the owner can order them for u.

    • Those are not rhinestones. It’s a diamond cut metal strip on arms & when light hits it it sparkles like crazy. I have them….also on tv they look black & white …. They are actually black w/Tiffany blue on inside. There beautiful

  10. I’m looking for Jenny McCarthys rhinestone glasses she has been wearing lately. They are not the Alexander Daas.

    • The rinestone glasses are Tiffany
      I got a pair on line after a posting here
      TF2079B8055 black/blue
      I have them and love them

  11. I loved the ones she wore today (Aug. 19 2014 ) tortoise shell with bling on the bows and they were not thick frames. I was dancing around on my knees to get some pics. Any ideas?

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